Ramie, Modern Vietnamese Restaurant to Open May 22 in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Neighborhood

Trinh and Thai Nguyen, the sibling chefs behind Bainbridge Island’s acclaimed modern Vietnamese restaurant Ba Sa, will officially open Ramie on Wednesday, May 22 at 3pm.

Ramie, located at 1529 14th Avenue in Seattle’s vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood, will serve Vietnamese cuisine reimagined with innovation and creativity providing guests with an ever-evolving celebration of Vietnamese heritage.

The menu, inspired by the nhau culture of gathering to eat and drink for no particular reason, features an exciting variety of both savory and sweet dishes, perfect for sharing with friends and family. 

“We’re creating a menu that will offer dishes that have a familiar flavor profile, but with an innovative twist and more refined look,” said Trinh Nguyen. 

“Whether it’s hard to find ingredients, inspiration from another culture, or unique cooking techniques, we’re striving to offer a fresh perspective on Vietnamese cuisine,” adds Thai Nguyen.

One of the highlights from the raw bar is oc (sea snail) and the different varieties that guests will have the opportunity to experience. 

The menu includes Bánh Tiêu fried bread with honey butter, fleur de sel, and black sesame; MắmKho Quet featuring a selection of locally sourced seasonal vegetables with taro puree, mam, anchovies, shrimp powder, and chicharron; Bắp Cải Cuộn cabbage pork rolls with pork velouté and coriander oil; Mosaic Bò Tái Chanh porcini ash wagyu, xa lach son, onion, fried shallot, and nuoc cham; and Giò Giả Cầy crispy pork trotters with butter lettuce, shiso, diep ca, rau ram, serrano, purple radish, and pickled garlic. Desserts include Chè đậu đen black bean mousse, hibiscus coconut champagne foam, peanut miso praline, sesame, tapioca chips and Chè Thái coconut pavlova, fruit milk ice cream, jackfruit veil, chestnut, red dragon fruit, durian, strawberry, pandan, green perilla.

Jen Rae has taken on the bar manager duties at Ramie. She hails from Renee Erickson’s Deep Dive and Bateau and is part of the experimental ferment popup Amino. 

Rae’s cocktail program will focus on emerging Vietnamese, Asian and lesser-known spirits and incorporate fresh ingredients into the hyper-intentional cocktail list.  The wine list will feature both Old World and New World wines with an emphasis on organic and biodynamic producers.

Cocktails include Nhâm Nhi baigur gin, blanco vermouth, manzanilla, sevillle orange bitters, rau ram oil; Nghiện suntory toki whisky, song cai amaro, rice paddy, ngò ôm herb infused blanc vermouth, yuzu bitters; Cốm trà tiên-infused gin, calamansi, bandoeng pandan liqueur, lemon, egg white; and Hoa Anh Túc tequila, peppercorn, tangerine, garlic chive, lime, red aperitivo.

The 3,055 square-foot restaurant has been transformed into an inviting and elegant space with charcoal shelving and banquettes, jade walls, and brass accents. The main dining area with seating for 53 is a combination of banquettes and tables with round back walnut chairs, and three large round tables surrounded by curved back black velvet chairs that offer a view of the open kitchen. The sleek white marble bar can accommodate eight guests in low back walnut bar stools with leather seats. The lounge area offers seating for 20 in booths and along a banquette. The tall glass windows on the eastside of the restaurants open accordion-style to accommodate seasonal patio dining for 12. 

The mezzanine has a moody vibe that features floral wallpaper with herons, a jade banquette and walls, brass light fixtures, and walnut cocktail tables surrounded by elegant black velvet chairs with brass legs. The mezzanine can accommodate 22 guests for private events.

Ramie will be open Wednesday through Sunday from 3pm to10pm. For reservations and more information, call 206.566.5192 or visit www.ramieseattle.com.  Find Ramie on Instagram @ramierestaurant.

About Ba Sa

Opened in September of 2019, Ba Sa is located on picturesque Bainbridge Island, a 35-minute ferry ride from Seattle.  Sibling chefs Trinh and Thai Nguyen serve modern Vietnamese food that showcases the abundance of local product found in the Pacific Northwest. Ba Sa is open Wednesday through Monday from 11am – 9pm. Ba Sa is closed on Tuesday. For more information, call 206.565.3287 or visit www.basabainbridgeisland.com

Ba Sa is located at 101 Winslow Way East on Bainbridge Island in Washington.

Written by Charles Koh

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