The Bucket List: Seattle’s Best Dim Sum Restaurants

SEATTLE, WA – There’s something about that magical cart that gets your heart pumping as it makes its way to your table.  For many of you, Dim Sum is your favorite meal of the week, for others you’d rather pass.  Dim Sum originated in Canton (now Guangdong) province as savory snacks at teahouses for relaxation, business and to socialize.  You can find Dim Sum being served mostly on the weekends from 9AM-1PM depending on the restaurant. Click below to see the full list.

Definition of Dim Sum: A Chinese dish of small steamed or fried savory dumplings containing various fillings, served as a snack or main course.

Basic Dim Sum Etiquette
  1. Share – Each plate will include an average of 3-4 pieces, so it’s always great to pick out several dishes that look appetizing and try them out.
  2. Start with tea – It’s been an old tradition to keep the teacups full and to fill those around you.  Most tea’s help rinse all the grease from the food out of your system and aids digestion, blood circulation and lowers cholesterol levels.
  3. Ordering – Be patient as the cart comes to your table, then place any orders as necessary.
  4. Tip – Be courteous and tip as needed after your meal.

Below is our bucket list of the top Dim Sum restaurants around Seattle.  Enjoy!

Chiang’s Gourmet 

Din Tai Fung (Bellevue)


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