Stay Cozy and Warm this Winter with French Fare from Le Grand Bistro Américain

COURTESY PHOTO – Le Grand Bistro Américain

Escape the chilly, dreary days of the season and warm up at the inviting Le Grand Bistro Américain on the waterfront in Kirkland.

In these chilly dark days we crave comfort foods, and the French have been perfecting the art of comfort food for centuries. Before the age of refrigeration, folks facing a long cold winter would lay in stores of food, all naturally preserved by pickling, smoking, curing, fermenting and culturing the bounties of the harvest—which would then provide them with tasty meals through the season. Many of the foods we love and crave today—cheese, sausage, smoked fish, pickles, pates, etc. –were created for just this reason. With a plate of this stuff in front of you, you can’t be unhappy—no matter what the weather is doing.

The classic bistro cuisine of Le Grand captures the essence of the season by featuring some dishes that would have been quite familiar to our ancestors as they gathered round the table deep in the winter, centuries ago:

Cassoulet ~ 24
a hearty dish of northern beans, duck confit, house made sausage, pork shoulder, garlic, veal stock, wine and bread crumbs

Saucissons Garnis ~ 19
House made sausages, savoy cabbage, apples, cider vinegar and mustard

Onion Soup Gratinée ~ 12
Classic soup with crouton and gratinéed Gruyère cheese, served with a small green salad

Charcuterie Platter ~ 22

  • Chicken Liver Mousse: Smooth & suave
  • Jambon Cru: Air-cured ham
  • Rillettes of Pork: Conserved pork
  • Rillauds: Crispy pork belly confit

Written by Charles Koh

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