New Turkish Wines Embraced by Seattle’s Top Restaurants

With Seattle being one of the more sophisticated wine markets in the country, it’s only appropriate that a new category of wines in the US is emerging here.

Top restaurants in Seattle are now serving Turkish wines. You can spot Turkish wines on the already impressive wine lists at Maria Hines’ Golden Beetle, Jason Wilson’s Miller’s Guild and Meeru Dhalwala’s Shanik to name a few.

Cichetti, Toulouse Petit, and Re: Public also carry a comprehensive line up of Turkish wines. Here, wine enthusiasts can taste their way through different wine regions of Turkey. Barrel Thief and specialty wine stores are also introducing Turkish wines to Seattle’s wine scene.

Turkish reds tend to be higher in tannins and therefore pair beautifully with steaks, pastas, and lamb. Gali’s blend, from Thrace, is an example of a delicious savory old-world style wine that will surely capture the hearts and minds of the some of the toughest wine critics among us (coming soon to Metropolitan Grill).

After a recent tour of Turkish wine region, Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein says, “Turkey is justly positioned to be the next ‘break out’ country for wine lovers seeking a new region that offers both the familiar classic vinifera varieties and the exotic”.

Seattle-based importer Olga Rai of VinoRai is the force behind this debut of Turkish wines.

Rai has channeled her passion for wine into bringing Turkish wines to the US wine lovers; “We offer an exciting new wine experience. We’re very pleased with the reception Turkish wines have received in our local market. People in Seattle are open-minded, educated and willing to try a new category of wines and are curious about the story of Turkish wines”

Turkey is also considered the birthplace of wine. Its rich history in the art of winemaking dates back to 9000 B.C. Located at the same latitude as Napa Valley, Turkey has a staggering 800 different indigenous grape varietals. Its native varietals are definitely are not to be missed!

Rai adds, “There’s a lot of excitement building about Turkish wines. We have several native varietals arriving for the fall and we’re excited to be hosting one of our producers, Nilgun Kavur, of Gali Wines here in Seattle at the end of August.”

Written by Charles Koh

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