Certified Humane Alfresco Eggs by Vital Farms Now Available to the Pacific Northwest

Vital Farms’ Pasture-Raised Alfresco Eggs Bring Great-Tasting and Humanely-Raised Eggs to the Pacific Northwest

The brand new line of pasture-raised and Certified Humane® Alfresco Eggs by Vital Farms is now available in more than 200 Quality Food Centers (QFC) and Fred Meyer stores within the greater Puget Sound and Portland metro markets. The introduction of Alfresco Eggs marks the first time pasture-raised, premium eggs will be available in mass market grocery locations in the Pacific Northwest making high-quality and ethically-raised eggs readily available to anyone, not just those who shop at specialty grocery stores.

“As consumers continue to demand accessible high-quality, ethically raised foods, ’pasture-raised’ is the fastest growing segment within the specialty egg set,” said Matt O’Hayer, Owner of Vital Farms. “Our pasture-raised hens, or ‘girls’ as we call them, are healthy and happy; resulting in a humanely-raised egg that is better tasting and more nutritious.”

Alfresco Eggs are the first of their kind to earn the third-party Certified Humane label, which means each hen has at least 108 square feet of pasture where they are free to roam and forage outside all year round. To ensure fresh nutrition for the hens, the pastures are rotated weekly and no pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals are ever introduced to the chickens, their eggs or their pastures. The pasture-raised Alfresco Eggs have less cholesterol and saturated fat, and more vitamins and omega 3s than factory farm eggs making for a more nutritious, rich and delicious egg.

Pasture-raised farming is a superior method for ensuring both the quality of the eggs, and the humane and ethical treatment of the hens. By comparison, “free-range” is often misleading to consumers; “free-range” means that while a hen has access to the outdoors, it is usually a very limited space (less than two square feet), and typically means she still spends most of her time in a crowded indoor space. “Cage-free” simply means that a hen is not caged; it is however, still kept indoors, often with little space to move around (less than one square foot) and no outdoor access.

Look for Alfresco Eggs’ colorful, chalk-drawing inspired cartons in the dairy or specialty/organic sections of QFC and Fred Meyer stores. Alfresco Eggs are available in 12-packs and retail at a competitive price point to other specialty eggs. In addition to Alfresco Eggs, Vital Farms offers other egg types that are also pasture-raised: USDA Certified Organic sold as Vital Farms in Whole Foods and as Pasture Verde in other retailers.

Written by Charles Koh

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