Hot Event: Elliott’s Oyster House 27th Annual Oyster New Year

30+ varieties of local oysters shucked to order at the 150-foot oyster bar 

Get ready for an all-you-can-slurp of 30-plus varieties of local oysters at the 150-foot round bar pitched behind Elliott’s Oyster House. This seafood extravaganza offers guests a fresh seafood buffet, over 60 wineries, local microbrews, live music, famous “oyster luge”, raffle prizes, and more!




  • Elliott’s Oyster House
  • 1201 Alaskan Way, Pier 56, Seattle, WA 98101

PARTNERSHIP CONTRIBUTION: Elliott’s donation to PSRF totals more than $100,000 to date.

Thanks to Elliott’s long-standing partnerships with responsible oyster growers, everything the restaurant serves comes from a sustainable local resource dedicated to the well-being of our environment.

To donate directly to PSRF, visit their Website: Donate to Puget Sound Restoration Fund.

Puget Sound Restoration Fund

Puget Sound Restoration Fund (PSRF) works to restore abundant coastal resources and its connections to them through a diverse portfolio of in-the-water projects throughout Puget Sound. The focus of its restoration is living marine habitat and species, using structure forming species (Olympia oysters, bull kelp) and habitat enhancing species (pinto abalone). They form and maintain the living marine architecture that supports the marine ecosystem in Puget Sound and beyond. Restoration of these core elements has ripple effects, restoring function and giving direct and indirect support to fish and marine mammals throughout the food web. PSRF is dedicated to measurably improving conditions in the Puget Sound: improved water quality; increased abundance of native species; more acres of restored habitat; enhanced ecological benefits; additional community engagement. PSRF accomplishes this through specific, place-based projects. Long-term, it works to restore and maintain a healthy marine system that feeds and sustains us all.  To learn more visit: Puget Sound Restoration Fund.

Elliott’s Oyster House has been Seattle’s classic seafood house for more than 40 years. The award-winning restaurant features a 21-foot-long oyster bar and 30 varieties of oysters. Elliott’s highlights natural flavors of the finest seafood in the Pacific Northwest. Located on the renowned Seattle waterfront on Pier 56, Elliott’s Oyster House is committed to sustainable practices and organizations. Every year, Elliott’s is pleased to donate all proceeds from our annual Oyster New Year Bash to benefit Puget Sound Restoration Fund (PSRF), a local, non-profit organization has worked to restore the Sound’s water quality, and native marine species and their habitats.  At least twice a year, the staff at Elliott’s volunteers their time to help seed, tend and harvest the oyster beds on the Henderson Inlet Community Shellfish Farm, which is managed by PSRF. Elliott’s is committed to The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® program which makes science-based seafood recommendations to help ensure a healthy ocean ecosystem for future generations. As a Seafood WATCH-compliant restaurant, Elliott’s will never serve items from the Seafood Watch “Avoid” list.

Elliott’s is also involved with The Humane Society and committed to not purchasing any seafood from fishermen who endanger seals, as well as  Wild Salmon Supporters , an extensive network of top chefs and restaurants that has pledged to serve only wild, sustainable salmon. Elliott’s Oyster House is open Sunday – Thursday from 11 a.m.-10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. – 11 p.m. For more information, call (206) 623-4340 or the website:

Elliott's Oyster House_Oyster New Year_photo by Catherine Hyland

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