Mezcal Class and Artisanal Tasting at Mezcaleria Oaxaca

Join sixth-generation Mezcalero Asis Cortes for a mezcal class and artisanal tasting at Mezcaleria Oaxaca on Capitol Hill.

Mezcaleria Oaxaca, in collaboration with Agave Oaxaca, continues its educational series in the Mezcal Classroom at Mezcaleria Oaxaca on Capitol Hill.  Sixth-generation mezcalero (mezcal maker) Asis Cortes is visiting Seattle from the Santiago Matatlán region of Oaxaca, Mexico (a.k.a. “The World Capital of Mezcal”) to lead a class and tasting of artisanal mezcals at Mezcaleria Oaxaca on Capitol Hill on Monday, February 2, 2015 at 4pm. 

A member of the Mezcales de Cortes producing family, Asis will discuss the mezcal-making process: from the different kinds of agave available to the production of mezcal, as well as the history and tradition of his family, who has been making mezcal since 1840. The Cortes family owns one of the oldest palenques (distilleries) in Santiago Matatlán, and to this day, the Mezcales de Cortes spirits are handcrafted by experienced indigenous Zapotec maestros mezcaleros (expert mezcal makers) in Oaxaca.

The cost of the event is $30 per person, which includes the educational session, tastings of artisanal mezcals from Oaxaca’s Santiago Matatlán region – including the El Jolgorio line, and light snacks. Space is limited to 24 people and the class will be held in the beautiful Mezcal Classroom at Mezcaleria Oaxaca on Capitol Hill at 422 East Pine Street at Summit Avenue in Seattle. To reserve a space, please email

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