Caffe Vita Taps Skillet Diner for new offering

Served by the glass ($4), Vita’s Theo Blend cold brew is a highly caffeinated, non-acidic brewing method of coffee, and served over ice, it has a rich and creamy flavor. The farm direct and organic Theo Blend consists of exceptional coffees from Peru and East Timor and features enticing aromas of vanilla bean, black pepper and chocolate. Caffe Vita recommends it for cold brew because it lends to a smooth, round iced coffee with chocolate notes and sweet finish.

Of course, after installing the cold brew system, the Diner’s first move was to create a cocktail, the Charles Cold Brew-Kowski ($9) with Kahlua, vodka, Caffe Vita Theo Blend cold brew coffee, finished with a Bailey’s Irish Cream float. It’s detailed on the full menu available online at

Written by Charles Koh

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