The Rumors Are True… Molly Moon’s is Headed to Bellevue!

Our cute little walk-up scoop shop is slated to open in early Summer 2019

Molly Moon’s recently announced the early summer arrival of its newest walk-up scoop shop, located at 10045 N.E. Street near Bellevue Downtown Park. Designed by DuHamel Architecture and built by an in-house team lead by Kevin Neitzel, Molly’s dad, the 200-square foot walk-up scoop shop will feature the full Molly Moon’s menu of always and seasonal flavors in cones and cups, as well as molly’s favorite sundae and pints.

“I’m super excited for Molly Moon’s to be a part of the historic Bellevue community,” said Molly Moon Neitzel, founder and CEO of Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream. “I’ve contemplated opening a shop near the park for many years and now it’s finally happening. I can’t wait to see families and Downtown Bellevue residents with hanging at the park or strolling the neighborhood with their cones and sundaes!”

Molly Moon’s is known as one of the most progressive employers in the country and she’s proudly bringing those progressive values to Bellevue this summer. While some companies have chosen to apply City of Seattle minimum wage and benefits requirements only to their locations in Seattle, Neitzel believes it’s imperative that all of her employees have living wages and equitable benefits, no matter where the next shop opens its doors. The walk-up shop will create at least a dozen jobs with mooncrew standard benefits that include:

  • starting wages of $18/hour and $23.50/ hour for scoopers and shift leaders, Sick and Safe Pay accrued hourly, plus 16 hours front-loaded at start date

  • flexible scheduling, posted a month at a time with the ability to trade shifts

  • eligibility for vacation PTO after working 2,000 hours

  • medical, dental and vision insurance paid at 100% by the company

  • subsidized ORCA transit cards,

  • 12 weeks 100% paid family leave for employees bringing new children home through birth, fostering, or adoption (for both men and women),

  • 12 weeks 70% paid family leave for other FMLA qualifying events

  • 401K with employer match up to 3% per year

  • all the ice cream mooncrew members can eat!.

Molly Moon’s will announce the official Bellevue grand opening day, with free scoops for kids in the near future. For a behind-the-scenes look at the shop as it comes to life follow along on Molly Moon’s Instagram stories @mollymoonicecream.

For more information about Molly Moon’s or how to join Bellevue’s #mooncrew, please visit, and don’t forget to hashtag your scoop selfies on Instagram with #ICMYH, because Ice Cream Makes You Happy!

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