Mixing Quality Food with Cycling: Seattle’s Best Bike Cafe’s

There’s a strong biking community in Seattle and it’s been growing over the last decade. As the weather gets nicer, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite destinations for a pit stop for a bite and drink.


Location: Central District

Signature Dish and Drink: Breakfast burrito and a beer-mosa 

Who does Peloton appeal to?: Anyone and everyone. From cyclists, to people who could care less about bikes, Peloton serves up great food, good art, and of course a good place to fix your tire. I can’t imagine anything better to eat after a long ride than their melt-in-your-mouth breakfast burrito. (I usually just skip the ride and go straight for the burrito.)


Good Weather Cafe

Location: Capitol Hill

Signature Dish and Drink: Avocado toast and spiced coffee

Who does Good Weather appeal to?: Good weather is the perfect cafe for your hip and active 20-30 something’s. Good Weather is very warm and inviting, and does a great job organizing community rides and social events such as knitting nights and community brunches. 


Location: Capitol Hill

Signature Dish and Drink: Bacon egg and cheese breakfast sandwich and a PNW marionberry smoothie 

Who does Metier appeal to?: Metier’s bike shop caters to cyclists who enjoy the finer things, all of their products are top of the line, and their bike maintenance is quick and friendly.  Their cafe is the well-known and well-loved Homegrown. It’s the perfect place to grab a good meal and watch a bike race, or even get some work done on your laptop. 


Location: Capitol Hill

Signature Dish and Drink: Overnight oats or avocado toast and a latte

Who does Rapha appeal to?: Rapha has an extremely strong community culture. This international cafe, or “clubhouse” has locations across North America, Europe, and Asia. Members and visitors are brought together by their love for all things cycling. Their high quality gear is met by high quality coffee, and simple snacks that keep you fueled for your ride. 



Location: Fremont

Signature Dish and Drink: Olympia coffee and Macrina Bakery pastries 

Who does it appeal to?: While Miir isn’t necessarily a bike shop, they appeal to the cyclist and active-outdoorsy crowd. Miir is dedicated to supporting a global environmentally friendly community, but also does a great job getting locals involved in their service.

PIM Bicycles and Coffee House

Location: Fremont

Signature Dish and Drink: White Knuckle french toast sammie and Bee’s Knees latte (espresso, honey, cinnamon, vanilla latte)

Who does PIM appeal to?: This spot is made for cyclists on the Burke Gilman. If you’re on the trail all the way to Ballard, you can’t miss this shop. It’s super easy to pull into for a mid-ride pick-me-up, you don’t even have to get off your bike if you don’t want to!


Peddler Brewing

Location: Ballard

Signature Dish and Drink: Horchata cream ale

Who does Peddler appeal to?: Peddler is for laid back cyclists who want to end their afternoon ride with a cold one. Peddler doesn’t sell bike products or do repairs, but they are extremely cyclist friendly, and have a bike part vending machine for any quick fixes you may need on your ride. Oh, and it’s a brewery if you couldn’t tell from the name!



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