Revel: A Modern Twist on Korean Fare

Short Rib and Eggs, Arugula, Chili Chimichurri, Rice

SEATTLE, WA – Described as “Urban-style Korean comfort food,” Revel has successfully brought this new genre of food to the Seattle food scene. While I wasn’t quite sure what to expect,  I love Korean food and I love comfort food. Could you go wrong with the combination of the two?

The restaurant has a rusted metal sign that is subtle, yet intriguing and worthy of closer inspection. Upon walking inside, I was pleasantly surprised by the modern decor and high ceilings. We came for the weekend brunch and managed to snag a table on the patio. Though it was sunny, it was still chilly, so the heat lamps were a plus. We ordered the pork belly galette, bacon biscuit, short rib rice bowl, and the “Brunch” which consists of eggs, bacon, scallion potato hash, and toast.

The galette consisted of juicy pieces of pork belly on a buttery, flakey puff pastry. The sauerkraut provided a nice balance to the richness. The “Brunch,” while simple, was executed well.    The eggs were prepared well, the bacon was juicy and smokey, and the scallion potato has was really special. My favorite dish, recommended by several friends, was the short rib rice bowl. A play off of the Korean dish, “Bibimbap,” is mixed rice dish with assorted meats, vegetables, and eggs. The short ribs were tender, juicy, and had a nice BBQ flavor. The chimichurri sauce was an interesting twist on the classic dish, but complimented the other toppings well.

In addition to sweet and savory pastries, egg entrees (including foo young: Asian version of an egg omelette), they offer sandwiches, rice porridge, and noodles. Apparently, the dinner is even better and they offer an albacore tuna rice bowl. MmmM!! Plus, they have good cocktails and a patio. Patio seating in Seattle is not always easy to find, especially in combination with good food, good service, and a great atmosphere. I wil definitely be back. 

Smoked Pork Belly Galette, Sauerkraut, Arugula 

Patio Seating

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Whether it’s eating, taking pictures, or cooking, Jenni Liu, has always had a passion for food. Her days are spent behind a computer, her nights baking up a sugar storm for her dessert catering business (Jenni’s Sugar Shop). As a Bellevue native, she was seeking a place to share her foodventures in the city. Find her on Twitter @JennisSugarShop 

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