Earls Kitchen and Bar in Downtown Bellevue Launches Fall Menu

What better way to spend the Fall season than a collection of savory dishes and comforting cocktails. Earls Kitchen + Bar is one of North America’s most successful independent restaurant groups, currently with 65 restaurants – 59 of those in Canada and 5 in the United States (Denver, Colorado; Bellevue, Washington; Miami, Florida; Boston, Mass.). On September 10th Earls opened their first location in Boston, Massachusetts (Assembly Row, Somerville) and in 2015 open in both Washington, DC and Chicago, Illinois.

Earls Restaurants Ltd. and the Fuller Group is a family owned operation started by Montana native Leroy Earl (Bus) Fuller in 1982 with their first restaurant in Edmonton, Alberta. Bus and his sons own Earls Kitchen + Bar (Earls is not a franchise), operated by eldest son Stan Earl Fuller (there explains the lack of an apostrophe in the restaurant name) as well as other restaurants throughout Canada & US.

Earls Kitchen + Bar is a unique restaurant concept. “Upscale Casual” – full table service in beautifully designed casual environments. Dining rooms sit side-by-side with lively lounges and bars with the dining area offering a relaxed, casual culinary experience while atmosphere is ramped up in the lounge and bar.

Earls does not operate in any traditional “chain” style. Fresh, made from scratch, often local ingredient driven interesting menus offer irresistible food. Although menus include popular dishes they are known for, Earls actually offers over 50 different menus across their 65 locations allowing for dishes created for regional and demographic tastes, as well as local products and suppliers. Earls offers a global menu with modern versions of ethnic cuisine staples of the core menu.

Perfect for a before the game meal or date night, Earls menus range from great appetizer selections, hand chopped certified angus burgers, triple A steaks, fresh vegetables that are seasonally grown and fresh daily baked breads. Full entrees such as roasted free range chicken, Asian dishes, sustainable west coast salmon and even pizzas are cooked to order and paired with dressings and sauces made daily in their restaurants. Desserts are both created and baked in house.

Earls’ cocktail program is run by Beverage Director Cameron Bogue, a Portland, Oregon native who joined them from the Daniel Boulud group in New York. With a commitment to using only 100% fresh squeezed in-house juices and handmade syrups, Cam works with all the Earls across Canada and the U.S. creating craft cocktails for the menus as well as developing Earls’ local and regional craft beer selections and an outstanding, value and selection packed wine list.

The family business also includes an award-winning restaurant design company, e+ design & construction. No cookie cutter designs here either, each restaurant is designed uniquely for the location and region it’s located in. In fact, Earls doesn’t just cook locally, each restaurant is contracted and constructed by a local on-the-ground team; regional and local suppliers are worked with and staff are recruited locally.

Earls design their restaurants with sustainability in mind, winning awards for both energy efficient buildings and their custom LED lighting. They often use reclaimed and repurposed materials to ensure their carbon footprint is kept to a minimum.

Earls head office is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Awarded as a “Top 50 Employer”, Earls Kitchen + Bar employs about 7,000 employees.

Earls Chocolate Bar
Dishes and Drinks include: Earls cocktail Cabin Fever, Earls Crispy Thai Prawns, Jeera Chicken Curry, Pasta, Sante fe Chicken, Signature Caesar, and Pork Buns by Chef Jeff McInnis.

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