Miller’s Guild Rolls Out Family-Style Supper ‘Butcher Block Sundays’

Photo credit to Charles Koh

Miller’s Guild is putting together a family-style Sunday supper that is offered every Sunday featuring meats, fish and game from the butcher block fronting the signature wood fired grill. The dinner is focused around prime rib. Jason’s rendition will be Wood Grilled Meyer Ranch Prime Rib with parsley horseradish vinaigrette. A whole fish is also always offered, such as whole black bass or black cod. Jason also has another rotating protein such as whole pig, rabbit, duck, lamb, etc. The dinners are accompanied by a starter salad and 3 sides which include hearth roasted beets, hearth roasted mushrooms, and creamed nettles, then finished off with a shareable dessert, such as cake, tart or pie.

Jake Kosseff has procured some beautiful wines that are sold by the bottle and represent better then 50% off. It’s the 2009 and 2010 Eveningland Bourgogne Blanc and Rouge ($25 per bottle).

Sundays are often spent with family and friends so Butcher Block Sundays will accommodate parties of 2 or more., $48 per person (exclusive of tax and gratuity). Reservations encouraged by calling 206.443.3663 or online at

Written by Charles Koh

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