Weekend Getaways: Vancouver’s Jefferson Alvarez of Secret Location

142 miles: Seattle ➞ Vancouver, BC

Jefferson Alvarez’s Secret Location (located in Gastown) sets the bar for providing guests with the ultimate experimental tasting menu experience. The restaurant is located in a luxury concept store that is split into a highly curated retail fashion store and an adventurous Tasting Room. The “Secret Location” is perfect for those looking for a premium personal shopping and dining experience. As you step into the restaurant, you’ll notice a sense of luxury, high fashion and sophistication throughout.

The Tasting Room is Executive Chef Jefferson Alvarez’s playground as he tests the finest ingredients in the West coast and pushes the limits on textures, flavors and visual presentation. For those fans of Modernist Cuisine, Chef Alvarez experiments with molecular gastronomy.

Each dish is extremely well thought out and executed to the highest level.

“We push boundaries and always experiment. I like to be unique and believe cooking has no limits. Creativity never sleeps here, so dining at Secret Location is a total experience from beginning to end.” – Executive Chef Jefferson Alvarez

We had the opportunity to sample the 10 course tasting menu ($130/pp) which included dishes like:

  • Elderflower with fennel and brie cheese
  • Crispy chicken skin, birchwood powder sugar, truffle salt
  • Rocket: Mushroom, morels, porcini mushrooms from oregon, BC truffle, arugula, shitake, dehydrated mushrooms
  • Vermouth, orange infused gin
  • Seared Sturgeon liver
  • Milk and rosewater, beets, rubarb, saffron
  • Jelly, sturgeon fin soup with caviar and beets
For those looking for a smaller testing menu, guests can experience a 5 course tasting menu for $95/pp. We recommend kicking it up to 10 courses and taking your palate for a ride. 
Secret Location is a true inspiration and worth a drive. The last dish is extremely memorable and will leave you in awe. You can visit their website here.

Written by Captain Cook

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