September is Bourbon Heritage Monthat Daniel’s Broiler

Daniel’s Broiler is celebrating Bourbon Heritage Month this September with a selection of unique bourbons and bourbon-infused menu items, as well as an event schedule full of dinners and tastings. Enthusiasts can sample one of the largest collections of bourbon and rye whiskey on the West Coast at any of Daniel’s Broiler’s three locations, and explore some exciting new dishes from their talented culinary team and partners.

In collaboration with Woodinville Whiskey Co. and the award-winning Orlison Brewery in Spokane, Daniel’s will be serving, for a limited time, it’s very own Daniel’s Barrel Aged Bourbon Stout. This stout was made in a lager-style, aging in small rye and bourbon whiskey barrels from Woodinville Whiskey for two months at Orlison Brewery in Spokane. This unique brewing process produced a rich, stout-style beer, with flavors of chocolate, vanilla and bourbon whiskey.

Additions to the menu this month include the Maker’s 46 Salmon, baked on Maker’s Mark bourbon wood staves and bourbon-glazed, with roasted sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and grilled-spiced local peaches; and Bourbon Chocolate Cake, a chocolate silk and ganache delight, drizzled table-side with Old Forester glaze.

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