Super Bowl Menu at Volterra in Ballard

The 12th man can watch the big game and indulge in Beast Runnin’ Wild Boar Sliders as well as other items at Volterra in Ballard! The Front Room allows for 21 and over in the bar as well as under 21 in the seating area that still has a perfect view of the television.

From 12-7 p.m. this Sunday, Volterra Ballard will offer a happy hour menu for football food classics by Don Curtiss with themes that will put you in the mood for the big game. Each item is $7 or 2 for Twelve!

The two cocktails, The Oneside Kick and Deflate Brady’s Fireball are being offered at both Volterra Ballard and Kirkland locations this entire week! Full menu and viewing party only available at Ballard location on Sunday.

Volterra Menu:The Unger Games!
Pigskin a Blanket: Cascioppo Hot Italian Sausage wrapped in a phyllo blanket
“Beast Cakes!”: Crab Cakes
Super Smoked Wings: Chicken Wings
Beast Runnin’ Wild Boar Sliders: Wild Boar Sliders
Truffle Wilson Popcorn: Truffle Popcorn

The Onside Kick: cocktail of Vodka, Fresh Lime Sour, Blue Curacao, Orange flower water (blue and green)
Deflate Brady’s Fireball: housemade fireball

Written by Charles Koh

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