Sustainable Seafood Week Gala Seattle Presented by the Seattle Aquarium

Photo credit to Ethan Stowell

On August 4th, attendees of the Sustainable Seafood Week Gala will have a unique opportunity to meet top Seattle chefs and fellow Seattleites who are passionate about seafood and our oceans. The event will feature some of Seattle’s best chefs including: Jason Wilson of Crush and Miller’s Guild, Roy Breiman of Cedarbrook Lodge, Seth Caswell from the Dunbar Room and Hotel Sorrento, and Betsy Davidson of the Seattle Aquarium. 

Enjoy salmon flights with delectable consecutive tastings of sockeye, coho and king salmon prepared by Cape Cleare Fishery and savor oysters on the half shall from taylor Shellfish Farms. Local “Good Fish” author Becky Selengut will share insights into perfect salmon grilling techniques and other cooking tips all while sipping summertime cocktails on the deck. 

Get insights into perfect salmon grilling techniques, pick up cooking tips from local “Good Fish” author Becky Selengut, and sip summertime cocktails out on the deck.

Learn more about Paul Allen’s new Smart Catch program as well as what’s happening in sustainable fisheries around the world.

Come celebrate seafood, summer and Seattle with us!

The featured cocktail for the evening will be a blackberry mojito as well as Ray’s Boathouse signature Ray’s Chardonnay produced by L’Ecole No 41 in Walla Walla.
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