Sam Choy’s Poke to the Max presents The Seattle Poke Contest 2017

The Seattle Poke Contest started in 2015 with the hopes of making it an annual event. The event features a dozen chefs throughout the Pacific Northwest preparing a unique Hawaiian classic.  Chefs are competing for best poke, with a winner being announced each year. 

Chef Sam Choy, the proclaimed Godfather of Poke has made his fame educating the world about this traditional dish. He has inspired many chefs to create their own take on this Hawaiian classic.  Hosted by Sam Choy, The Seattle Poke Contest shines light on many of these great chefs in a friendly, nonprofit event. This year, the Poke Contest is a completely charitable event with all proceeds being donated to The Bennett Foundation. Michael Bennett (defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks) started the foundation to help prevent childhood obesity. We are excited to partner for this special event!

This year’s contestants include: Chef John Howie (Seastar Restaurant & Raw Bar), Chef Steven Ariel (Trace), Chef Mario Hevia (Super Six), Chef Cameron Hanin (Ma’ono), Chef Varin Keokitvon (Heartwood Provisions), Chef Charles Celestial (Japonessa), Chef Jeriel Calamayan (Poke Wai),  Chef Dean Shinagawa (Kama’aina Grindz), Chef Jason Velasquez (Ikina Sushi), Chef Bayley Le (Go Poke), with more to come!

The Seattle Poke Contest is a fun social event with live music, delicious food, great drinks, and lots of Poke! We look forward to seeing you there!  For more information please visit

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