Eden Hill’s Open’s for Lunch, Serves Burgers and Beers — One Day Only

Eden Hill is opening for lunch for one day only! Chef Maximillian Petty will open his doors Sunday, Feb 4 to take on a more casual cuisine – burgers, with the Burger Bistro.

It’s burgers and beers galore for lunchtime guests to relish in three different burger options as well as three separate sides to choose from. Three (or more) burger types will be available ranging in price from $15-$20. One of the burger options will be the Big Max, which is an innovative twist on the tried and true Big Mac! Given Chef Maximillian Petty’s focus on Avant-Garde cuisine, the burgers and sides will be anything but ordinary. There will also be a selection of specially curated beer pairings to complement the juicy burgers.

Burger Bistro will run 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Walk-ins only with seating in the dining room, and limited seating at the bar top, all with counter service. Burgers will also be available to-go.

Whether your covering to-go food to take to Super Bowl parties or just unique events that are sure to be crowd pleasers, I thought this would be of interest.

For more information visit edenhillrestaurant.com or call 206.708.6836. Eden Hill is located at 2209 Queen Anne Avenue North, Seattle.

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