Monday, September 8, 2014

Certified Humane Alfresco Eggs by Vital Farms Now Available to the Pacific Northwest

Vital Farms’ Pasture-Raised Alfresco Eggs Bring Great-Tasting and Humanely-Raised Eggs to the Pacific Northwest

The brand new line of pasture-raised and Certified Humane® Alfresco Eggs by Vital Farms is now available in more than 200 Quality Food Centers (QFC) and Fred Meyer stores within the greater Puget Sound and Portland metro markets. The introduction of Alfresco Eggs marks the first time pasture-raised, premium eggs will be available in mass market grocery locations in the Pacific Northwest making high-quality and ethically-raised eggs readily available to anyone, not just those who shop at specialty grocery stores.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Introducing: Copperworks Malt Barrel Gin

Limited release of gin aged in a barrel with a malt-whiskey history

On Friday, September 5, Copperworks Distilling Company will introduce Copperworks Malt Barrel Gin. This is a limited release of gin that's been aged in an American Oak barrel previously used to age premium all-malt whiskey.

Our Malt Barrel Gin spent six months in a barrel rich with malt-whiskey essence, giving it soft vanilla and oak notes. The gin retained in juniper spiciness and there’s a hint of burnt-sugar sweetness, with orange and cinnamon in the nose.

Our Malt Barrel Gin is second in a series of limited-release aged gins Copperworks is developing. We’re working with various barrel types to release an assortment of aged gins with different flavor profiles. We’ll release them as they reach their peak flavor.

Price and Availability: This is a special, limited release for Copperworks. Roughly 250 bottles will be available for sampling and sale only in our tasting room. Price is $44.95, plus tax. (Limit of 2 bottles per person.)

About Copperworks Distilling Company
Copperworks Distilling Company is a distillery, tasting room and retail store located on Seattle’s downtown waterfront. It offers small-batch gin and vodka made from a base of malted barley and it has all-malt whiskey aging in barrels. The company opened its doors in 2013 and was founded by Seattle brewing pioneer, Jason Parker, and talented home brewer, Micah Nutt.

Copperworks Gin has won several industry awards, including gold medals at the 2014 World Beverage Competition and the American Craft Distillers Association Spirits Competition. The Gin won silver medals at the 2014 San Francisco Spirits Competition and the American Distilling Institute’s annual Judging of American Craft Spirits. Copperworks received Reader Choice’s awards as “2014 Best Distillery” from readers of both Seattle Magazine and Seattle Weekly. For more information, visit and follow Copperworks on Facebook and Twitter.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Burger Week at Red Cow, Five Days of Burgers

Chef Thom Koschwanez and the Red Cow gang are excited to announce Burger Week, five days of special burgers plus a Saturdayafternoon burger-centric charity event! The celebration of all things burger begins on Monday, September 22, and runs through Saturday, September 28.

From Monday through Friday, there will be five burgers offered every day:
  • Signature Wagyu Beef Red Cow Burger
  • Mediterranean Lamb Burger
  • Lemon and Thyme Chicken Burger
  • Rustic Salmon and Rosemary Burger
  • NW Foraged Mushroom Burger
All burgers will be $16, served with Red Cow’s highly touted frites.

The week of burger delight ends with a charity event on Saturday, September 28, when Red Cow will open early at 11am and serve their house burger and foraged mushroom burger until 2pm. The burgers & frites will be $10, and all proceeds will go to Amara Adoption and Parenting Services, located just down the block. Saturday’s event will be a casual one, with the tables inside rearranged for a more communal-style of dining, and if there’s sunshine, the same for the patio. Beer and lemonade will be complimentary with purchase of a burger for those eating in, though the burgers are available to go as well.

The whole Red Cow crew is looking forward to Burger Week and to giving back to the Madrona community. Join them for a burger on the patio!

Red Cow, located at 1423 34th Ave in Seattle’s Madrona neighborhood, opened in February of 2014. The steak frites-focused restaurant serves a collection of brasserie classics alongside a robust wine list and full bar, and the modern space contrasts with the rich dishes. Red Cow is open for dinner from 5pm to 10pm daily, 11pm on Friday and Saturday. Happy hour is daily from 5pm to 6pm in the bar area. For more information or reservations, call 206.454.7932 or visit

Photo credit to Ethan Stowell Restaurants 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

New Turkish Wines Embraced by Seattle's Top Restaurants

With Seattle being one of the more sophisticated wine markets in the country, it’s only appropriate that a new category of wines in the US is emerging here.

Top restaurants in Seattle are now serving Turkish wines. You can spot Turkish wines on the already impressive wine lists at Maria Hines’ Golden Beetle, Jason Wilson’s Miller’s Guild and Meeru Dhalwala’s Shanik to name a few.

Cichetti, Toulouse Petit, and Re: Public also carry a comprehensive line up of Turkish wines. Here, wine enthusiasts can taste their way through different wine regions of Turkey. Barrel Thief and specialty wine stores are also introducing Turkish wines to Seattle’s wine scene.

Turkish reds tend to be higher in tannins and therefore pair beautifully with steaks, pastas, and lamb. Gali’s blend, from Thrace, is an example of a delicious savory old-world style wine that will surely capture the hearts and minds of the some of the toughest wine critics among us (coming soon to Metropolitan Grill).

After a recent tour of Turkish wine region, Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein says, “Turkey is justly positioned to be the next ‘break out’ country for wine lovers seeking a new region that offers both the familiar classic vinifera varieties and the exotic”.

Seattle-based importer Olga Rai of VinoRai is the force behind this debut of Turkish wines.

Rai has channeled her passion for wine into bringing Turkish wines to the US wine lovers; “We offer an exciting new wine experience. We’re very pleased with the reception Turkish wines have received in our local market. People in Seattle are open-minded, educated and willing to try a new category of wines and are curious about the story of Turkish wines”

Turkey is also considered the birthplace of wine. Its rich history in the art of winemaking dates back to 9000 B.C. Located at the same latitude as Napa Valley, Turkey has a staggering 800 different indigenous grape varietals. Its native varietals are definitely are not to be missed!

Rai adds, “There’s a lot of excitement building about Turkish wines. We have several native varietals arriving for the fall and we’re excited to be hosting one of our producers, Nilgun Kavur, of Gali Wines here in Seattle at the end of August.”

The First Annual Big Melt, Seattle's Grilled Cheese Festival

What’s your favorite kind of grilled cheese sandwich? Are you a traditionalist or perhaps more of an adventurer? Regardless, you'll want to be at Seattle’s only grilled cheese festival, The Big Melt.

The ooey-gooey goodness of melted cheese combined with the crisp crunch of hearty grilled bread are the essential elements of one of the most simple, yet classic, comfort food creations. Participants in The Big Melt will be adding their own twists to the classic as they try to stand out from the crowd.

Festival-goers will reap the rewards as they sample creations from Beecher's Seattle, Metropolitan Market, The Ultimate Melt and others while also enjoying award-winning craft beer from Stoup Brewing, local wines and other local specialty beverages, snacks and desserts.

The Big Melt will support Northwest Harvest as attendees will be asked to contribute to the "mac and cheese tower" by donating boxes upon arrival.

Event: The Big Melt
Date: Sept. 7
Time: 11am-4pm on Sun.,
Place: Hangar 30 at Magnuson Park (7400 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115).
Visit for more information.

The Big Melt is brought to you by Fork, an iPhone app and community of food, photos and friends. Attendees and participants will be using the Fork app to compete against one another to see who can take the best grilled-cheese photo during the event.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kaisho Restaurant Brings Asian Street Fare to Capitol Hill

The Kaisho team has relaunched Kaisho Restaurant in Capitol Hill with an asian street style theme, leaner menu, farm-to-table focus, and with the talented executive chef Kalen Schramke who moved over from the original Kaisho in Bellevue.

The new restaurant is hip, approachable, and focuses more of a city approach with a larger bar, open seating and less on the full dining experience. 

Some great new additions to keep an eye out are the following: 
  • Sake cart: Kaisho guests can sample and try a number of different types of sake (dry, sweet to spicy) as it's being wheeled around the restaurant. Guests can order from a list of over 40 sakes and also purchase sake flights. 
  • Spices: If you are a person who love spicy, and yes I'm talking about those who ask for Sriracha everywhere you go, executive chef Kalen Schramke has made is own sauces that will turn up the heat. We like to keep this a little secret, but go ahead and ask and he'll bring out some samples for you. 
  • Menu: The menu is far more simplified than its previous location in Bellevue, one page for dishes, one page for drinks. Pick from a range of dim sum items, noodles, meat, and vegetable plates.

Here are some dishes we recommend: 
  • Thai style fried chicken: This is an absolute MUST, seriously, if you love chicken, you're about to be in heaven. The chicken is local from mt. vernon hormone free. Give yourself 20 minutes to cook as it's made fresh to order. Take a look at pictures here
  • House smoked brisket gyoza: There's something about these that make us wanting more. It's different than your traditional gyoza as it's filled with a savory house smoked brisket that is full of flavor and the red dragon sauce make's it that much better. 
  • Potato cheddar dumpling: This is a magical dumpling, each bite will make you see rainbows. The combination of the creme fraiche and house-made bacon is full of flavor. 
  • Beef short ribs noodles: If you're craving noodles, this is a must too. The coconut braised beef is super tender and has a great sweet flavor to it, combine that with the chillies, peanuts and dandelion greens, you'll want more of it. 
  • Bao burger: The Kaisho experience isn't complete without trying this burger. Your typical bread is replaced by a soft, sweet steam bun and wedged in between is a juicy, ground beef burger with shoe string onions, special sauce. This goes great with some extra hot sauce. 

Scroll down for pictures. Comment below if you have any questions. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

5th Annual All White Party is Now Sold Out, Get on the WaitList

The popular All White Party is back for its fifth year! The party was started by Jeff Otis and Bryan Otis of Matthews Winery in Woodinville, where the event was held for the first three years. But due to space constraints, parking, curfew, and crazy growth, the Otis brothers combined efforts in year 4 with Brenton Webster and moved the party to the Seattle Waterfront - where 3000 people joined us dressed in all white and partied the night away!

This year, the guys from Matthews Winery are showcasing a special vintage called the "AWP All White Blend" that will be available exclusively at the All White Party. If you haven't purchased your tickets, get on the waitlist, fast! Must be 21 to get in.

Get on the waitlist here.

Li’l Woody’s Teams Up With Beecher’s To Create the "World's Best Mac & Cheese" Burger

“World’s Best Mac & Cheese” is the upcoming Li’l Woody’s burger of this week --August 19-25. The Beecher’s Mac & Cheese burger will feature a scoop of Beecher’s beloved mac & cheese, a slice of Beecher’s “No Woman” cheese, Hills bacon and green onions. Get them while they last!

Hailed by Oprah as one of her “favorite things” in 2010, Beecher’s has a following across the globe. Li’l Woody’s has received such accolades as winner of 2013’s Seattle Weekly Burger Battle and Seattle Magazine Best Burger (readers choice) 2012 and 2014. The all-Northwest collaboration between Li’l Woody’s and Beecher’s is chronicled in a new video, which shows the making of the burger. (

The Beecher's "World's Best Mac & Cheese" is made up of their Flagship and "Just Jack" cheeses, with an addition of the "No Woman" cheese slice. 

“This burger is one amazing creation,” says owner Marcus Lalario. “If Oprah knew about it, she’d be in line with everyone else.”

About Li’l Woody’s:
Li’l Woody’s Burgers has two locations: Capitol Hill at 1211 Pine Street; and Ballard at 2040 NW Market Street. Both are neighborhood hot spots, for locals and visitors alike. Business hours are 11am-11pm Monday through Thursday and 11am-10pm Sundays in both locations; Ballard is open 11am-10pm on Friday and Saturday while Capitol Hill stays open until 3am on weekends.

About Beecher’s:
A cheese lover since childhood, Kurt Beecher Dammeier remembers encouraging his mother to buy artisan cheese at a time when processed cheese was overtaking the market. In 2002, Kurt was walking through Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market and noticed that a long-time tenant had closed up shop. Inspired, he called the landlord, returned to his office and announced they were going into the cheesemaking business. Flavor and purity go hand in hand at Beecher's. All products are free of bovine growth hormones, hydrogenated oils, nitrates and polysorbate.