Uber Offers the Perfect Transportation Vehicle for Every Occasion



Whether you’re a morning commutor or attending a VIP red carpet dinner, Uber has the perfect solution to get you from point A to point B in style and within your budget. We’ve all experienced the rude cab driver, the difficulty of calling a cab or even waiting aimlessly for your ride to come.  That has all changed with UBER.  Many of you have already experienced UBER and love it, for others, this may be your first time hearing about it.  
Did you know: uberX = same price as a taxi but there is no need to tip (cheaper) and the Black Car = about 1.5x a cab but again no need to tip.
For the newbies out there, here are a few basics to get you started.  First off, you’ll need to download the mobile app.  The magical thing about UBER is its ability for you to connect with the driver and track exactly where they are from your mobile phone, have reliable pickups that you can trust, clear pricing, a cashless experience and ability to easily split your fare. 

Here is a breakdown of the car types:

uberX is great for getting to/from work
Everyday cars for everyday use. Better, faster, and cheaper than a taxi.

Black Car for meetings or date night
Your own private driver, on demand. Expect pickup in a high-end sedan within minutes. 

SUV for a group of friends (also, you can split your fare!) 
For those times when you need a bit more space. Seats up to six people in style. 

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Author: Charles Koh

Written by Charles Koh

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