Contest: Win 2 Tickets to Seattle Weekly 8th Annual Voracious Tasting

EatSeattle is giving away two tickets to the Seattle Weekly 8th Annual Voracious Tasting & Food Awards!

The Voracious Tasting is a festival full of delicious bites, craft beer, craft spirit cocktail tastings along with wine samples that help define our region. This is our 8th Annual Voracious Tasting & Food Awards event presented by the Washington State Beef Commission, and we’re excited to invite you to experience a new season with new flavors at a new venue. This year we will be at the Fisher Pavilion in Seattle Center and we have invited some of the hottest restaurants, food trucks and cocktail masters for a night like no other. There will also be an open bar featuring Washington wine & beer. Get ready, get hungry and get your tickets. Learn more about the event here.

How to Enter:
Since we’re giving away two tickets, we’ll give you two ways to win these bad boys!

  1. Twitter: Retweet this tweet – Link
  2. Instagram: Just tag two people who want to take – Link

Judging: Simple, we will be selecting a winner at random so good luck!
Contest Starts:
September 28th, 2016
Contest Ends: October 4th, 2016

Don’t feel so lucky? Just buy them here:

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