John Howie Brings Back The Wine Hot List

Without federal aid, the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to permanently close 85% of independent restaurants. 16M people risk losing their jobs. – Independent Restaurant Coalition

Eastside chef, John Howie is offering his very rare and difficult-to-find wines from both Seastar and John Howie Steak restaurants. Although difficult to let go of the collection, this helps raise much-needed funds to help keep the restaurants open. As the pandemic is still an issue, both restaurants have decided to re-launch this popular program starting today.

Most of the wines (some purchases dating back to when Seastar opened in 2002) will be offered at just above cost (averaging 60 percent or more off). Quantities are limited and a full list can be found at and, will be updated daily and can be purchased for the list price plus tax and a $5 donation to Big Table (a local organization helping restaurant workers in crisis). Side note, John Howie Restaurants have raised more than $20,000 for Big Table since March.

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