Bring In-N-Out Burger to Seattle!

SEATTLE, WA – Burger fans have been waiting years to see the popular California-based fast food burger chain expand to the Pacific Northwest.  The demand is no surprise as In-N-Out whips burgers and fries costing under $3 each, as well as a secret menu that makes you feel like your part of the secret society.

In-N-Out is a spot that compares closely with Seattle’s own, Dick’s Drive-in and Burgermaster.  You won’t find the elegant creations of say Red Mill Burger, Blue Moon Burgers, Built Burger or Lunchbox Laboratory, but you sure will find an excellent price point and a taste that’s memorable.  Seattleite’s will continue to wait to see this chain make it up to Seattle, until then, we will stay busy with some of the best burger spots in the country.

So, you’re probably curious about what’s on the “secret menu” right?  Well, here are a few items you can order the next time you visit California.
Did you know: You can add up to four patties to any sandwich.  A few secret menu items include the “three by three”, “four by four”, “mustard grilled” to add more flavor to your burger,  “grilled cheese”, “medium rare”, “chopped chilis” for the person who wants more heat to their bite, “add mustard”, “add ketchup”, the famous “animal style” and some other secrets.  Take a deeper look into the “secret menu” with Serious Eats as they take In-N-Out under a microscope.
Comment below your favorite combinations and orders.

 A single and a double, double

Animal Style fries

Written by Charles Koh

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