July is Burger Month! – Condiments?

Condiments. Some classic. Some random. Probably always rooted in ritual.

Like I had mentioned before, my pal Phil and I decided to take on this task for you, God, and country.  You might remember our first conversation where we debated the stacking effect, how one does or should stack their burger.

Next up we focused on toppings. Best tomato, bun, lettuce and so forth.

Next up was the humble condiment.  We decided to add to our 4 part debate in July’s “Burger Month” series.

I believe that people put their “favorite” condiment on their burger as a matter of habit, more so then that they love it. Maybe their dad first served a burger a certain way, or maybe they have eaten the little cheeseburger’s at McDonald’s so often that their burger at home should be the same. I don’t think I was introduced to mayo until I was an adult. 1000 island or something like it? Sort of the Big Mac and you could say Dick’s has a certain 1000 island-style sauce that is lightly sweet and tangy. Adding BBQ sauce or a chutney or some other invasive sauce, a different burger, and should be treated accordingly.

Keep in mind our simple goal is to give you, the dear reader, the plan for a perfect All-American cheeseburger at home, every time.


Ketchup – Ubiquitous and classic. Can’t really go wrong with ketchup. The squeeze bottle at the church picnic, the pump at some burger joints, and of course the little packets that we get too many of in our burger sack. There are some fancy ketchups out there too, which we like, but Heinz will work too.

Yellow Mustard – I did’t realize that the idea of yellow mustard on a burger may not be as common as I thought. I always have…but then started asking myself why. Maybe I always did, or probably more accurate, I had had so many burgers served at backyard BBQs along with hot dogs that both condiments were there, so I assumed that it was supposed to be on the burger! Crap! Maybe I am wrong!

Mayo – Late entry for me, not sure why. LOTS of people do mayo and even more I suspect do it at the iconic burger stops.

Special Sauce – All 13 readers of mine probably saw this post on the “fake” shack sauce. It is SO GOOD on burgers! If you want to skip the condiment line, make it.  Thousand Island or something that resembles it probably counts as an OK as well.

Various heretic entries – BBQ sauce, dijon mustard, aioli, cream cheese (not kidding – a thing), guacamole, teriyaki sauce, hot sauce, tomato jam, chutney, and more all have their place on a burger, just not a classic All-American cheeseburger. You want something else? Make something else.

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