World Champion Sumo Wrestlers Meet Again at 3rd Annual Sumo + Sushi

Three world champion sumo wrestlers with a combined weight of 1,260 pounds put on a show for Seattleites with its 1,500-year-old Japanese sport. The exhibition matchup was put on at WaMu Theater where attendees watched 6 matches world champion sumo wrestlers while being served sushi from Shiro’s Sushi Restaurant and I Love Sushi on Lake Bellevue.

Watch the above video clip to see who won the 5:00 PM exhibition. Was it 380 pound Byamba from Mongolia or the 500 pound Ramy from Egypt.

Meet the wrestlers:

  • Byamba (Mongolia) – From Mongolia, winner of Pro Sumo Division Title, four-time World Sumo Champion, weighing in at 380 pounds.
  • Roy (U.S.) – From the moment he started competing, Roy Sims has won the US Champion title, undefeated, EVERY year, four-time U.S. Sumo Champion, number three in the world (2016), weighing in at 380 pounds and 6’6″ tall.
  • Ramy (Egypt) – From Egypt, multi-time African Sumo Champion and U.S. Sumo Open Champion, weighing in at 500 pounds.

Take a look through the images and videos here to get a peek at the third annual Sushi + Sumo event put on by SE Productions at the WaMu Theater. 

To learn more about Sumo + Sushi, you can visit the website.

Written by Charles Koh

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