The Metropolitan Grill added a rare $380 Kagoshima Craft Wagyu beef to the menu

Metropolitan Grill has added an exceptionally rare and premium Kagoshima Craft Wagyu beef to its specialty menu. The Met is one of only three restaurants in the United States to be serving the 32 oz. bone-in ribeye A5 Long Bone steak from Japan and serves 2-3 people.

Metropolitan Grill has been honored to highlight the rarest beef being imported to the US, including Hokkaido Snow Beef, Ohmi Beef, and Olive Beef.

“Our commitment has always been to offer our guests the finest beef from around the globe whenever possible,” said Metropolitan Grill Executive Chef Stan Ross. “The Met guest has come to expect and enjoy the exclusive and rare cuts that we have sourced from around the world, especially from Japan.”

The Kagoshima Craft Wagyu is sourced from the family-owned farm, Mizusako Farm, in Japan, where the second-generation owner of the 52-year-old farm pursues a new concept of healthy Wagyu with flavorful red meat instead of marbled meat.

“Mizusako Farm has created robust red meat by enhancing the aroma of Wagyu beef in a well-balanced manner through decades of research,“ said Executive Chef Ross.

The Metropolitan Grill has a very comprehensive beef program.


  • METROPOLITAN GRILL PRIME DOUBLE R RANCH BEEF: The full flavor of the beef at The Met is sealed in by the high heat of the “Iron Wood of the World, ” imported mesquite charcoal. This grilling method, our proprietary Prime Double R Ranch beef, custom dry aging process and unsurpassed cutting standards ensure juiciness, tenderness and flavor; the characteristics for which a cut of beef is esteemed.
  • METROPOLITAN GRILL FEATURED AMERICAN WAGYU NATURAL BEEF: Snake River Farms, Idaho. Snake River Farms is a family–owned business, which began over twenty years ago with a small herd of Wagyu cattle from the Kobe region of Japan. The Wagyu bulls were crossed with premium American Black Angus to form a proprietary herd that has developed into one of the finest groups of Wagyu/Angus cross cattle in the U.S. Often referred to as American Kobe beef, this unique breed was bred specifically to deliver the finest eating quality.


  • SNOW BEEF: Raised on the island of Hokkaido in the cold northernmost part of Japan. It has a silky quality from the marbling and is sought after.
  • OHMI BEEF: Raised on the rich agricultural lands in Shiga Prefecture. Boasts a softness and delicacy that melts in your mouth.


Raised in Japan’s Kagawa Prefecture, the cows are fed a special diet of Inawara rice straw, Italian ryegrass, and pressed olives

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